Naruto Manga 665 – Naruto 665 Scans

Nagato was a kid in Second Ninja War,naruto 665 when Jiraya and the other Sannins fighted against Hanzo.Jiraya trained Nagato, Yahiko and Konan for some years and go back to Konoha to became Minato’s Teacher.So, when Minato was a Gennin, Nagato, Yahiko and Konan already have more than 10 years old!When they fighted against Hanzo, they were adults, with 25-30 years old.When Chouji described the Yahiko’s Body(Pain Deva) for Tsunade, Chouji say that Yahiko had 25-30 years old. I think that a Pain’s Corpse don’t get older, so this age is from when Yahiko died.Obito was inside Spiral Zetsu’s Body when talked with Nagato for the first time. He was using a adult’s body, but he was a kid.

naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665

Unlike Madara, Sasuke is a bit more thorough, he wouldn’t just leave Obito to die, he’d finish him himself. I’ve never been a Sasuke fan, as you probably know, but Sasuke’s actions during those chapters made him seem like the only sane character around. But that was chance, what if Minato and Kakashi hadn’t been thinking in that manner, or someone else, once again, tried to intervene. There were a number of factors that could’ve changed the outcome, and most were completely beyond Madara’s control at that point. It worked out, but there were a myriad more ways that it wouldn’t have worked out. Madara got lucky, Kakashi and Minato were willing and able to intervene in Obito’s execution. And they also didn’t even try to stop Zetsu.The full effect of Hashirama’s seal aren’t entirely known, or Madara’s ability at the time, so it seems like speculation to state that he could’ve utilised the rods even being restrained by Hashirama. And even if he had used the rods, would that have immediately released the effect of Hashirama’s mokuton, or stop his imminent sealing? This requires a lot of filling in, I find it hard to find that more palatable than what was, in my mind, so clearly put forward.

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